Do You “Overbrush” Your Teeth and Not Realize It?
Here’s why you might want to re-think your brushing technique.

Overbrushing your teeth

What kind of a teeth brusher are you?

Do you scrub your smile using a lot of pressure, or do you take a more gentle approach? If you’re doing a lot of the former, our Guelph dentist has good reason why you should start to change your ways. Like, starting today.


An aggressive tooth brushing technique is a surefire way to cause harm to your teeth and gums – and many of us brush this way without even realizing we’re doing it. It’s easy to get carried away and scrub our smiles at the sink, as it can feel like this is the only way to get our teeth truly clean. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Plaque is extremely soft, and is removed with the gentlest brushing techniques with a soft bristled toothbrush.

With that said, here are two ways you’re harming your smile every time you brush with excessive force:

1. Gum recession

The gums are very fragile, so it’s no question how plastic toothbrush bristles can cause destruction with an improper/ rough tooth brushing technique. Gum recession involves the permanent wearing away of the gum tissue – and do note that once you’ve lost gum, there’s unfortunately no getting it back. The key here is preservation and prevention.

2. Worn tooth enamel

Harsh brushing can wear away at your valuable tooth enamel (the surface layers of the teeth) – and that’s another thing that can’t come back once it’s gone. You’ll want to preserve your enamel for life, as it serves to protect the layers beneath and keep the teeth strong.

While a gentle brushing technique is a great way to ensure your gums and teeth stay healthy for life, beware of these two other culprits known to wear the gums and teeth: gum disease is just as capable of causing recession, and acidic foods and beverages can also wreak havoc on the enamel.

Get into better brushing habits, starting now!

If you can admit to pursuing a less-than-gentle brushing technique, it isn’t too late to change your ways the next time you brush & beyond!

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