Cosmetic Bonding in Guelph for a Beautiful, Uniform Smile
Show off the smile you’ve always wanted…

Cosmetic Bonding in Guelph

When you smile for a picture, do you flash your teeth with pride? Or are you more likely to hide your smile?

Sadly, a lot of people are ashamed of their smiles, and will try to avoid showing their teeth in any way they can. But the good news is, in many cases, all that’s needed to perfect a smile is a little cosmetic bonding!

But what exactly is cosmetic bonding?

Great question! Cosmetic bonding is a dental procedure performed to correct the appearance of a tooth using a tooth-coloured material referred to as composite resin (the same material used for cavity fillings). The treatment can conceal any discolouration or stains, restore chips or gaps, change the size or shape and/or correct the appearance of mild crookedness.

During a cosmetic bonding treatment, our Guelph dentist will shape the material in its soft and moldable state on the tooth being treated, before finally hardening it in place with a special curing light. The great thing about this procedure is that it can be achieved in just one short visit – and you’ll be able to walk out with an even more attractive smile than you walked in with!

Is cosmetic bonding right for me and my smile?

Generally, anyone with good dental health and mild aesthetic imperfections they wish to correct will be a great candidate for cosmetic bonding! But it’s important to understand that you’ll need to take the steps to maintain your new smile after treatment through proper daily oral hygiene practices, and through avoiding teeth grinding or biting down on anything hard – as this could cause the composite material to chip.

Ready to beautify your smile?

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