Dental Implants vs. Dentures: Which is Right For Me?
Our family dentist in Guelph has the facts

Differences between Dental implants and Dentures

Tooth loss is an unfortunate event that affects many adults and seniors. But there’s no need to wallow in dental woes forever - because modern dentistry presents us with amazing restorative options to restore our smiles back to their healthy, attractive and fully functional state.

With that being said, while dental implants are considered the premiere choice for dental restoration, dentures can also be rather life-changing for the right candidate.

Not sure about which dental restoration is right for you? Our Guelph dentist is here to help you differentiate the two using some key factors for consideration:

How does each treatment function and feel?

Dental implants are surgically and permanently implanted by our Guelph dentist into the jawbone to mimic a natural tooth root - whereas dentures must be removed and stored away safely each night before sleeping.

Furthermore, a dental implant functions basically in the way that a natural tooth does, as it is comprised of an artificial tooth root component in conjunction to the prosthetic (“pontic”) tooth itself. Because this restoration it is as close to a natural tooth as it gets, it is also the most natural-feeling in the mouth - especially when it comes to functions like chewing.

Alternatively, dentures can take some time to get used to for the average patient. While they do begin to feel more comfortable and natural over time, dentures can’t really compare to the natural tooth-like characteristics of a permanently fixed implant.

Which treatment is better suited to whom?

An ideal candidate for dental implants will typically differ from an ideal candidate for dentures. They’ll generally have different oral health situations, and more particularly, different restorative dental needs.

The typical candidate for dental implants will have one or some, but not all of their natural teeth missing - though it is possible to replace most of or every lost tooth with Ann implant.

Dentures on the other hand may be a more appropriate option for patients that have all or most of their teeth missing, as it would be quite a costly and invasive process to replace an entire smile with just dental implants.

How long does each restoration last?

Dental implants have an exceptionally high (up to 98%) success rate, with the the ability to last an entire lifetime with sufficient daily oral hygiene care! On the other hand, dentures do require daily cleaning and care as well, but may also need periodic re-adjustment as they are prone to losing their perfect fit and custom-created shape with time.

Last, but certainly not least: Which of the two is more natural-looking?

While nothing can compare to the natural tooth-like appearance and feel of a dental implant, dentures also offer a very natural-looking result, custom created to suit the wearer and their unique smile!

Still stuck between choosing dental implants vs. dentures?

When all is said and done, every dental professional can agree that dental implants make the most ideal choice of dental restoration, as they closely mimic the natural tooth on so many levels (not to mention being permanent).

However, dentures also make an excellent option for the right candidate, as they are capable of successfully restoring functions like chewing and speech, while also resulting in a more attractive and confident smile.

To learn more about restorative dental services like dental implants or dentures offered at our Guelph dental clinic, contact us today!

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