Dentures Can Restore Your Smile (and Your Life)
Is it time to consider dentures in Guelph for you or a loved one?

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Losing multiple teeth can be a devastating experience for a person. As human beings, we need all teeth present in order for our smiles to function optimally.

Unfortunately, with several teeth lost, a person is susceptible to a number of oral issues. This includes difficulty with chewing and speaking, loss of bone and facial structure, and a decline in self-confidence.

The good news is, people can restore their smile with dentures if they have suffered the loss of several or all of their natural teeth.

Dentures explained

Dentures are removable appliances that are custom-created to comfortably fit a person’s unique mouth shape.

Dentures are capable of significantly improving a person’s quality of life through making fundamental everyday oral functions easy again, and by improving facial appearance. With dentures, a person can properly chew and digest food, speak with ease and truly smile again with no worries.

With that said, our Guelph dentist and team are happy to provide dentures services to patients of all ages.

Two common types of dentures include:

  • Complete/ Full Dentures
    Ideal for patients with all of their teeth missing, complete or full dentures are affixed to the patient’s gums and are firmly held in place. Full dentures can be either immediate (created before a patient’s teeth are extracted) or conventional (created after a patient’s teeth are removed). This type of denture is typically created from a strong acrylic material.
  • Partial Dentures
    Ideal for patients who still have some of their natural teeth remaining, partial dentures are held in place by anchoring onto existing teeth. These dentures generally consist of one or more acrylic teeth and gums supported by a cast metallic framework.

Looking after your dentures

Dentures require proper daily care and maintenance, just like with natural teeth.

It’s important for dentures wearers to gently brush their dentures using a gentle soap or a denture cleanser daily, only with a soft bristled brush or denture brush. Dentures should be stored overnight in a special denture cleansing solution or in warm (never hot!) water, as hot water in addition to poor handling or bending can damage the dentures. Being gentle is key! Patients should also make a habit of rinsing their dentures after every meal.

While dentures are not in use, patients should clean their gums and perform a gentle gum massage. Any natural teeth should also be cleaned using a soft bristle brush and dental floss every day.

With this daily and sufficient denture care, patients can enjoy their custom dentures for quite a long time!

Interested in dentures to improve the life of you or a loved one?

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