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Halloween is “creeping” up on us again oh so quickly! Do you know what you or your little one is dressing up as yet?

Aside from the fun of getting into costume and trying to spook others, Halloween offers something else to kiddos going door-to-door… CANDY! Oh, and nothing’s scarier than what these sweet treats are capable of doing to a healthy smile if we don’t take the right preventive actions against it.

With that said, here are four ways that our Guelph dentist recommends will help to ensure your little one’s teeth stay decay-free this Halloween (and the many Halloweens in your child’s life)!

1. Teach your little one to brush and floss after every snack

It’s so important to ensure your child gets into the habit of cleaning their teeth after consuming any sugary snacks or beverages. However, there’s a catch – brushing directly after sugar consumption might do more harm than good. Tell your child to wait at least half an hour before brushing their teeth. This is because the enamel becomes temporarily softened due to the sugars… and brushing while it’s in this state may cause enamel wear.

2. Encourage your child to eat their treats along with meals rather than on their own

When sweet snacks are consumed frequently, a person’s tooth decay risk is increased with every instance they introduce sugars to their mouth. Teach your child to save their Halloween treats to eat along with their meals so that there’s less snacking, and less risk of developing cavities.

3. Supply your child with sugar-free gum to chew in between their snacks

Chewing sugar-free gum in between sugary foods helps to stimulate saliva production and wash away particles and bacteria from the teeth – all aiding in cavity prevention. It’s an easy way to help protect your child’s teeth when it isn’t convenient for him or her to floss.

4. Encourage your child to drink water regularly

Regular water consumption keeps the mouth environment moist, and kind of acts in a way similar to chewing sugar-free gum when it comes to protecting against tooth decay. If your child insists on treating themselves to a Halloween treat outside of mealtime, give them a drink of water to drink and swish around in their mouth after they eat.

So there you have it! Four ways you can help to ensure that your child (or you, if you happen to be sneaking in any treats as well!) can win the fight against tooth decay this Halloween… and the next… and beyond!

Happy Halloween from Dr. Coman Family Dentistry!

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