Four Common Problems Impacted Wisdom Teeth Can Cause
Are your ‘third molars’ impacted? This article is especially for you.

Wisdom Teeth

Are you currently living with wisdom teeth in your mouth?

For many people, wisdom teeth (otherwise called ‘third molars’) can be a real pain before they’re finally removed.

Perhaps your dentist has already assessed your wisdom teeth situation and see no reason to remove them. Or, maybe you’ve never even gotten a surprise visit from any wisdom teeth to begin with… (quite rare, but it happens). In any of these cases, consider yourself one of the lucky few!

But the fact is, for most people, wisdom teeth don’t erupt in an ideal position… or don’t fully emerge out of the gum because there is just simply not enough room for them to properly co-exist with the other teeth. In these cases, our Guelph dentist strongly recommends to have these teeth removed sooner than later.

With that said, here are the four most common issues that people with impacted wisdom teeth tend to experience at some point or another, warranting removal:

1. Infection (Pericoronitis)

Periocoronitis is an oral issue that occurs when food particles and bacteria get trapped under the flap of gum tissue that surround the impacted wisdom tooth. This commonly occurs with impacted wisdom teeth due to the fact that it is a lot more challenging to properly clean underneath this gum tissue with a toothbrush. When the bacteria get trapped under these flaps, it can cause a painful gum inflammatory response - leading to an infection that often requires antibiotic treatment to resolve.

2. Tooth decay

As previously mentioned, since impacted wisdom teeth are harder to properly clean due to the fact that they are not fully erupted out of the gum and are located farther back in the mouth, they are at a higher risk for tooth decay development and cavities. Once an impacted wisdom tooth becomes infected, there’s no point in performing a filling as this will likely only continue to occur. So, out with the diseased tooth it is.

3. Pain

As many people are already aware, impacted third molars can cause a lot of pain as they try to push through the bone and gum. Ouch! They may also be growing toward a neighbouring tooth, which poses yet another threat to oral health. This leads us to our final impacted wisdom teeth issue…

4. Damage to surrounding teeth

Wisdom teeth that grow in on a crooked angle can push out into the roots of pre-existing neighbouring teeth, and can push these teeth out of their current alignment. In these cases, not only will wisdom teeth removal be necessary, but orthodontic treatment will also be in order if the bite has been considerably affected.

Our Guelph dentist wants you to be wise about your wisdom teeth!

At the end of the day, if you’ve been experiencing any pain or complication as a result of your wisdom teeth or tooth, you should book a visit with our Guelph family dentist sooner than later.

Even if your third molars aren’t currently causing you any issues, our dentist may deem that they are likely to cause problems in the future - in which case it’s highly recommended to have them removed.

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