How Can I Keep My Enamel Strong For Life?
Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever – so take the steps to protect it!

Strong Tooth enamel

Our dental enamel is a particularly valuable layer of our teeth. It’s the surface layer that is exceptionally strong and able to withstand the constant and high pressures of chewing.

But sadly, our tooth enamel isn’t entirely indestructible – with bacterial acids capable of causing enamel erosion. And we shouldn’t forget that our enamel is also at risk for wearing away when a hard bristled toothbrush and/or an aggressive brushing routine is used over time.

How will I know if my enamel is wearing away?

There are several warning signs that could indicate enamel erosion. These signs include:

Tooth sensitivity

If you're noticing your teeth are more sensitive than usual, this could be a sign of weakening enamel. Tell your dentist if your tooth sensitivity can't be managed with a desensitizing toothpaste or if any pain occurs spontaneously or without a trigger, such as a cold temperature.


If your teeth have been appearing more yellow than usual, it might not just be a result of your coffee addiction – and it may actually indicate enamel wear. Enamel that is thin exposes more of the tooth layer underneath it referred to as the dentin, which is more yellow in colour. But don't worry – you really may just be experiencing some staining, and that happens to the best of us!

Jagged edges or dents in the teeth

If you've noticed the edges of your teeth feel or look rougher, or if you're seeing dents in the surfaces of your teeth, let our Guelph dentist know. Steps can be taken to prevent further damage to the enamel.

To prevent enamel erosion, just try to follow these rules the best you can:

Avoid frequent consumption of acidic foods and liquids

Highly acidic substances such as citrus juice, citrus fruits and vinegars in salad dressings attack the enamel and contribute to wear. If you're going to snack or sip on something acidic, drink or swish around some water in your mouth to help reduce the acidity present in your mouth to be kinder to your teeth.

Avoid brushing aggressively/with excessive force, or with a hard bristled brush

It's agreed by most dentists that a soft bristled toothbrush is the safest kind of brush to use – and even so, patients should brush gently. Aggressive, rough brushing will surely contribute to enamel wear and is so easy to avoid!

Avoid grinding and clenching… and if you can't, get a mouth guard

A bruxism habit can do a lot of damage to tooth enamel. If you suspect you may be grinding your teeth during sleep, talk to our dentist in Guelph today about getting a custom fitted mouth guard to protect those chompers while you snooze.

So, there you have it! Prevention goes a long way in helping to ensure that your enamel stays strong for years to come. Will you be making any enamel-friendly changes to your lifestyle?

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