What’s Your Gum Type, and What Does It Mean?
Let’s Compare Periodontal Biotypes

two types of gums

Did you know? There are generally two types of gums that a person can have!

Also referred to as “gingival biotypes”, gums will typically fall under one of two categories: thin and scalloped gums, or thick and flat gums. Gums often share characteristics from both of these types, as well.

So… which gingival biotype are you sporting in that grin?! Our Guelph dentist wants to teach you about each gum biotype, from their appearance to their strengths and their weaknesses when it comes to oral health.

Well, it all comes down to two main reasons:

1. The thin and scalloped gum biotype

This gum type typically appears thinner at the gum line (where it meets with the tooth). These gums will also take on more of a triangular shape than square. Because of its thinner consistency, this gum type is more susceptible to gum recession – but fortunately, recession can easily be prevented with proper care.

Always use a toothbrush with soft bristles and brush gently – and brush twice a day, floss daily. By doing this, you’ll be going gentle on your gums while also protecting yourself from gum disease (another culprit responsible for causing gums to pull back away from the teeth).

2. The thick and flat gum biotype

These gums generally appear more thick in consistency at the gum line, not tapering off where it meets up with the tooth like with the scalloped biotype. This gum type also take on more of a square shape, as opposed to triangular. The oral issue that this gum type is more prone to is something called “periodontal pocketing” – where the gum tissue separates from the tooth, forming spaces and pockets that act like a magnet for bacteria. Yuck.

Thankfully, periodontal pocketing can be prevented with the right oral hygiene practices every day, along with frequent cleanings as necessary with a professional to remove stubborn bacterial deposits that can’t be removed at home.

Your gums deserve love, no matter what type!

You can keep your gums in top shape for life by treating them with the love and care they deserve every day! To learn more about what you can do to keep your gums healthy, or if you’d like to learn more about what gum biotype you are, speak to our friendly dental staff today!

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