Are Dental Implants the Right Choice for My Smile?
Four Reasons Why Dental Implants are SO Worth It

Dental Implants

For patients with one or some teeth missing, dental implants are the most ideal choice of restoration that generally last a lifetime! For decades, dental implant procedures have been successfully performed by dentists.

While dental implants may be a bit of a financial investment, they are WELL worth their price and truly change the lives of the people who have the procedure.

Thinking about getting a dental implant, or several?...

Here are some reasons why our Guelph dentist thinks you absolutely should if possible:

  1. Dental implant/s will restore your smile back to optimal function, the way it was intended to be – with all teeth present for proper chewing and speech.
  2. Your smile will be full again, which means you’ll have more confidence to show it off. Many people with just one or a number of missing teeth, especially in obvious areas, are afraid to show their smile and resort to hiding it at any chance they get. This is no way to live!
  3. You’ll be helping to prevent loss of your jaw bone volume – something that happens with tooth loss. Preventing bone loss is very necessary in order to preserve a youthful and attractive facial structure.
  4. You’ll be helping to prevent adjacent or neighboring teeth from shifting to the open space where the tooth once was, which is a common problem.

"Will I need a bone graft?"

Great question. In many cases, a bone grafting procedure is necessary for patients with an insufficient amount of bone required to support the implant. And while this procedure may sound like an extreme one, it really isn’t! It’s a very common procedure that, today, can often be accomplished by using a biocompatible synthetic material that builds up the bone, instead of having to harvest bone from the patient’s own body.

Are you ready to change your life with dental implants?

Everyone deserves a full, functional and confident smile. While our dentist Dr. Coman does not place dental implants at our practice, she will perform the restorative component of your procedure.

Call Dr. Coman Family Dentistry today to learn more about what a restoration with dental implants can do for you.

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