Avoid Cavities this Winter Holiday
Prevention is Key!

avoid cavities

So... who here is a fan of holiday sweets? WE ARE! (And we're not ashamed to admit it).

Unfortunately however, all of the sugar many of us end up consuming during our winter get-togethers can put our dental health at risk. As sweet as a candy cane or peppermint brownie may be, our teeth aren't too fond of such treats... so we should do our part to prevent any dental damage.

What Can I Do?

Steering clear of cavities this winter holiday can be done if you try your best to follow these simple rules:

  1. Brush and floss after each exposure to sweets
    Although this might be hard to do at family gatherings, try to brush and floss whenever you can after consuming any candies or desserts. The longer you go without brushing after consuming anything high in sugar, the longer your teeth are exposed to acids which attack the enamel (which, over time, leads to cavities).
  2. Limit your sweet exposures
    If your teeth are constantly being introduced to dessert after dessert, they're also being constantly introduced to enamel-destroying acids. Aim to reduce the number of sweets you consume, or try to save them to eat along with meals instead of eating them as regular snacks in-between.
  3. Chew sugar-free gum
    Chewing sugarless gum increases saliva production, which helps to bring down the level of acidity in the mouth and wash away particles of food. This is a smart and convenient option if brushing and flossing isn't a practical solution at the time. Popping a piece of gum after you enjoy a yummy confection will help to protect your precious teeth.
  4. Drink lots of water
    Drinking water also helps to wash away food debris from the teeth, and will promote saliva production. Really... what's there to lose by replenishing with nature's finest H2O? Your mouth and body will always appreciate the extra hydration.

So... will you make it through the winter holidays cavity-free? We believe in you... and we're always here to talk if you'd like to learn more about how you can protect your teeth and gums any time of the year. Book a consultation with our Guelph dentist today! New patients are always welcome.

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