February is National Children’s Dental Health Month
Growing Healthy Little Smiles

Happy February to children everywhere!

It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month and we’re going to be discussing the importance of good dental care in a child’s life. In order for a child to establish a positive attitude towards oral health and be motivated to maintain healthy care habits for life, it’s up to us (their caregivers) to make sure that happens.

National Children's Dental Health Month

Early Care

It’s essential that a baby’s first visit to the dentist happens before they turn one year of age, or within 6 months of their first tooth sprout. A baby’s caregivers should clean their teeth and gums before bed using a piece of damp cloth or gauze. Contrary to what some believe, a baby’s deciduous teeth require daily care despite the fact that they eventually fall out. These little teeth need to be kept healthy and free of decay so that their permanent teeth arrive without any potential problems.

Toddler Teeth

As your baby grows into an older child, it’s important to make sure that their teeth are brushed and flossed after they consume any sugary foods, and always cleaned before bedtime. It’s best to control the amount of sugar your child can consume every day and avoid frequent sugar exposure to keep their decay risk at a minimum.

If your little one practices a proper oral care routine that involves twice a day brushing for two minutes and once a day flossing, they’re on the right track to a life of great oral health. If your child is too little to know how to properly perform the techniques, clean your child’s teeth until he or she learns the proper way. Take your child to the dentist for a check-up and cleaning regularly (about every 6 months or as advised) in conjunction with daily care.

A Healthy Outlook for a Healthy Smile

Oral care is something to smile about, not something to sigh about! If your child dreads the thought of having to brush and floss every day, it might help to inform them about the great benefits of a proper care routine, and about what exactly they’re helping to protect their smile from. Being thoroughly educated will help to motivate your child to want to look after his/her mouth every day. Taking good care can be so rewarding!

If you’re on the lookout for a child-friendly family dentist, our Guelph dentist would love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation at our clinic today.

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