Is Your Child Familiar With Their Guelph Dentist Yet?
Here’s why children’s dentistry is so important

Dentistry for children

Did you know that children are more prone to tooth decay than adults are? It’s true!

But just because baby teeth aren’t permanent doesn’t mean they should be forgotten about. If baby teeth experience decay or damage, they can have a negative impact on the adult tooth waiting to sprout in its place.

Some common oral health problems in children include:

Here are some reasons why our Guelph dentist thinks you absolutely should if possible:

  • Tooth decay due to a diet excessive in sugars (candy, fruit juice, soda)
  • Tooth decay due to baby bottle use (due to the sugars in the juice, milk or formula)
  • Misalignment due to thumb sucking or thumb thrusting

Familiarizing your child with the dentist from age one

Parents should take their child for a visit to the dentist’s before they turn one, or alternatively, six months after they sprout their first tooth. This will ensure that any potential problems are caught early and can be dealt with before getting worse.

It’s important to find a dentist that is suitable for your child, and one that your child is comfortable with. This will help to ensure that your child develops a positive attitude towards the dentist’s office, and oral health overall. When a child’s initial dental experience is a great one, they are less likely to develop dental phobia – which sadly keeps many patients from visiting the dentist today (when in reality they have nothing to fear).

Fortunately, our Guelph dentist and team has years of experience providing dental care to babies and children at our family dental practice - and we’d love to meet your little one!

Oral care at home

Teaching your child the importance of oral care from an early age is critical. By making sure your child follows through with a proper daily routine that involves brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day, you’ll be doing what you can to ensure that they’re on the path to great oral hygiene habits and a healthy smile for life!

Little teeth matter (a lot)!

Our friendly and compassionate Dr. Dana Coman offers a range of dental services suitable for children of all ages. Call our Guelph family dental clinic today to schedule a consultation, or to book your child’s first visit to the dentist! :)

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