Five Common Types of Toothpaste
What’s the best choice for your smile?


Did you know? There are many different types of toothpaste products available for purchase. Have you been using the best type of toothpaste for your unique smile? Let’s find out!

Here are five common toothpaste types, and what they are designed to do:

1. A toothpaste that helps fights cavities (Fluoride toothpaste)

A regular toothpaste containing fluoride is beneficial for cavity prevention, as fluoride helps to restore weakened areas of the enamel through a process called “remineralization”.

2. A toothpaste that helps combat sensitivity

If you have particularly sensitive teeth, you’re likely to already be using this kind of toothpaste – and probably find it to be very helpful. Toothpastes designed to fight sensitivity contain special ingredients that block the nerves of the teeth from feeling pain when the tooth comes into contact with cold or sweet.

3. A toothpaste designed to remove surface stains

Commonly referred to as “whitening toothpastes”, these products don’t really work to “whiten” the teeth through bleaching, but they do contain abrasives that help to remove surface stains caused by consuming certain foods/drinks. However, if you have eroded enamel or sensitive teeth, our Guelph dentist would not recommend that you use any kind of abrasive toothpastes to clean your teeth – especially if “hydrated silica” happens to be one of the ingredients.

4. A toothpaste that helps fight gum disease

Toothpaste formulas designed to fight gum disease do so by destroying the bacteria responsible for plaque and tartar buildup. This aids in keeping the gums clean, healthy and free of disease.

5. A fluoride-free toothpaste

Toothpastes formulated without fluoride are ideal for very young children who are still at an age where they may accidentally swallow their toothpaste.

If you aren’t sure whether the toothpaste product you’re using is right for your smile, you can always talk to our friendly dentist for more information, or for a recommendation. And if it’s been longer than 6 months since you or your little one has been to the dentist for a check-up and cleaning, book an appointment at Dr. Dana Coman Family Dentistry today!

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