Unhealthy Gums Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Here’s yet another reason to care for your smile.

gum disease

As you may know, there is quite a strong relationship between oral health and general health. Your body simply cannot be optimally healthy if the health of your teeth and gums are poor.

Unhealthy smile, unhealthy heart…?

According to a study published in the Journal of Dental Research, people with untreated dental infections are 2.7 times more at risk for cardiovascular issues like heart disease/coronary artery disease, compared to patients who have had their dental infections treated (appropriately so). This news doesn’t come as a surprise to our Guelph dentist and team.

Cardiovascular diseases mare the reason for roughly 30% of all global deaths – so if that isn’t a reason in itself to ensure you’re doing everything you can for your teeth and gums daily, then we don’t know what is! (Obviously, there are so many other reasons to keep up a healthy smile… but we’re just saying).

The perfect oral hygiene routine

In order to properly care for your smile every day, you’ll need to ensure you’re brushing twice daily for two full minutes every time in addition to flossing once a day (an incredibly important step that, sadly, too many people neglect).

The truth of the matter is, when you limit your dental cleaning habits to brushing only, you’re actually only cleaning 60% of your teeth’s surfaces… so please floss! It is also important to clean the tongue daily, as it is essentially a carpet for nasty bacteria. People should also be visiting their dentist and hygienist for a cleaning and check-up visit every 6 months or as required.

If your general health is of any importance to you, then so should the health of your smile. If you’re due for a routine check-up or cleaning, our friendly dental professionals would be glad to see you.

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