Are Your Wisdom Teeth Impacted? Read this.
Impacted third molars can cause some serious problems…

Wisdom Teeth

As so many people know, wisdom teeth can be a real pain. What’s your wisdom tooth situation? Better yet, do you even know?

If your dentist sees no issues with your “third molars”, then that’s great. Or maybe you’ve never gotten a visit from any wisdom teeth to begin with… (quite rare, but it happens). In any of these cases, consider yourself lucky!

However, for most people, wisdom teeth don’t erupt in an ideal position… or don’t fully emerge out of the gum because there is just simply not enough room for them in the mouth. In these cases, our Guelph dentist strongly recommends to have these teeth removed sooner than later.

With that said, here are three issues that people with impacted wisdom teeth commonly experience:

1. Infection (Pericoronitis)

Periocoronitis occurs when food particles and bacteria get trapped under the flap/s of gum that surround the impacted wisdom tooth. It can be a challenge to properly clean underneath this gum tissue with a tooth brush, so bacteria that get trapped can cause a painful inflammatory response and infection that often requires antibiotic treatment to resolve.

2. Tooth decay

Because impacted wisdom teeth are harder to clean due to the fact that they are not fully erupted out of the gum and their location farther back in the mouth, they are at a higher risk for tooth decay and cavities.

3. Pain

Impacted third molars can cause a lot of pain as they try to push through the bone and gum. Ouch! They may also be growing toward a neighboring tooth, which poses yet another threat to oral health.

Be wise about your wisdom teeth.

The bottom line is, if you’ve been experiencing any pain or complication as a result of your wisdom teeth or tooth, you should book a visit with your dentist. Or, if your dentist suggests you have your third molars removed because they are likely to cause problems in the future, it’s probably best that you do!

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