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Back to school dental care.
September 2022

Your Dentist-Approved Back to School Dental Care Guide
These five top dental tips will help to ensure your child’s smile remains healthy while they’re away from home.

It’s that time of year again! September means bye-bye to summer and hello to a new school season for kids everywhere.
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wisdom teeth
August 2022

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Impacted? Read this.
Impacted third molars can cause some serious problems…

Wisdom teeth can cause a number of issues if they’re partially impacted… or in other words, not fully erupted out of the bone and gum. Are your wisdom teeth fully erupted? Chances are, there’s at least one of them that isn’t! But why can this be a problem?
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overbrushing your teeth
May 2022

Do You “Overbrush” Your Teeth and Not Realize It?
Here’s why you might want to re-think your brushing technique.

When you brush your teeth, do you apply a lot of pressure or are you gentle on your smile? Being gentle is always the way to go when it comes to teeth cleaning, as a harsh technique has the potential to damage your teeth in the following ways.
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Take Care of your veneers
March 2022

6 Tips to Help Make Your Veneers Last As Long As Possible
Your bright and brilliant investment deserves the ultimate care!

A popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry, porcelain dental veneers are capable of truly transforming a natural smile’s appearance through addressing and correcting imperfections such as discolouration, shape and size irregularities, jagged edges or cracks/chips, and gaps or spaces. Continue reading...


Differences between crowns and bridges
February 2022

What Is The Difference Between a Crown and Bridge?
Our Guelph dentist has the facts.

Dental crowns and bridges have been used as highly successful restorative solutions in the field of dentistry for many years. To better understand the fundamental differences between these two popular restorative options. Continue reading...


Transform your smile with dental bonding
Jan 2022

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid of Gingivitis?
Our Guelph dentist has the facts.

Most people have experienced gingivitis at some point in their lives as a result of poor oral hygiene practices. As the first and milder stage of gum disease, gingivitis causes inflamed gums that bleed easily with brushing or flossing. Continue reading...


Transform your smile with dental bonding
Dec 2021

Show Off a Transformed Smile This Holiday Season With Cosmetic Bonding
A beautiful smile is the best way to spread cheer!

Cosmetic dental bonding offered at our Guelph dental clinic is one of the more cost-effective cosmetic dental treatments available, capable of transforming a patient’s smile into one that they’ll want to show off. Continue reading...


How to choose the right toothbrush
Nov 2021

How to Choose the Right Toothbrush for Your Smile
Choosing an appropriate toothbrush to get the job done is an essential part of your oral hygiene practices.

And with so many different types of toothbrushes available on the market, it can certainly be a little overwhelming when trying to make the right choice. Continue reading...


Helping you manage toothaches
Oct 2021

Experiencing a Toothache? It May Be Time to Visit our Guelph Dentist
How many of these oral issues are you currently experiencing due to stress?

Can stress really affect your oral health? Our Guelph Dentist says there is a bigger link than you think. Continue reading...


Stress and oral health
Sept 2021

Exploring the Link Between Stress and Your Oral Health
How many of these oral issues are you currently experiencing due to stress?

Can stress really affect your oral health? Our Guelph Dentist says there is a bigger link than you think. Continue reading...


Accepting new patients
August 2021

Our Friendly Guelph Dentist is Always Welcoming New Patients!
With a wide range of dental services, Dr. Dana Coman has every member of the family covered.

Our Dr. Coman offers a wide range of dental services suitable for the entire family. Continue reading...


dental bridge guelph
July 2021

What You Should Know About Dental Bridge Maintenance
Curious about how to take care of dental bridges? We’ve got the answers.

If you have a dental bridge, our Guelph Dentist Dr. Coman has some great information about dental bridge maintenance. Continue reading...


dental implants guelph
June 2021

Are Dental Implants the Right Choice for My Smile?
Here are some top reasons why dental implants can be truly life-changing.

If you have one or some teeth missing, a restoration with dental implants can change your life dramatically, and for the better. Everyone deserves a full smile – and if you can do something about your missing teeth or tooth, then why not? We’ve got some reasons as to why dental implants are a smart choice. Continue reading...


May 2021

Can Dental Bonding Fix Crooked Teeth at our Guelph Dental Office?
You’ll be pleased to learn the answer!

So many people have crooked or crowded/overlapping teeth, or teeth with gaps in between. With that said, we're here to tell you if you can fix it with dental bonding. Continue reading...


regular dental visits
April 2021

Why Are Regular Dental Visits Important?
We’ll give you two VERY good reasons!

Are you committed to seeing the dentist and hygienist every 6 months? If not, here’s why you should definitely consider going as often as the professionals recommend – despite how confident you may be feeling about your oral health. Continue reading...


oral bacteria
March 2021

What Causes Cavities to Form? Our Guelph Dentist Has The Facts.
Here’s a hint: sugar’s not all to blame.

This oral bacteria is responsible for causing tooth decay and cavities. Its name is probably just as scary as what it can do to our teeth! But don’t worry, here's what you can do to help protect your smile! Continue reading...


Dental Veneers
Feb 2021

Veneers in Guelph Can Give You the Smile of Your Dreams
Have you been longing for a smile worthy of showing off?

For those of you that don’t know, dental veneers are wafer-thin shells made of porcelain that are capped over a patient’s natural teeth and adjusted to cosmetically enhance and perfect a smile. Continue reading...


Teeth Whitening in Guelph
Jan 2021

Teeth Whitening for a Brighter 2021
Treat Yourself to a Whiter Smile

Are you one of those patients who could benefit from a whitening treatment? If so, why not bring in 2021 with a beautifully brighter smile? We can help! Continue reading...


Dental Implants vs dentures

Dental Implants vs. Dentures: Which is Right For Me?
Our family dentist in Guelph has the facts

Our Guelph Dentist is here to help you decipher the differences between Dental Implants or Dentures and which one is right for you. Continue reading...


Avoid cavities this winter Holiday

How to Prevent Tooth Decay This Sugary-Sweet Winter Holiday
Prevention is Key!

As we prepare for holiday celebrations with friends and family, we should also prepare to protect our precious teeth from the sugary holiday sweets (because, let's face it, they'll be everywhere). Here are some ways you can enjoy your winter confections while keeping your teeth cavity-free. Continue reading...


how cavities are formed
November 2020

How Exactly Are Cavities Formed?
Contrary to popular belief; sugar isn’t solely to blame.

Contrary to what you may believe, it isn’t sugar itself that’s the direct cause of tooth decay and cavities. Let’s talk about what else is to blame when it comes to tooth decay, and how exactly cavities are formed on your teeth.
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healthy gums
October 2020

Healthy Gums are as Easy as One, Two, Three!
How well do you care for your gums?

Healthy gums ensure a healthy overall smile. If your gums aren’t in good shape, your whole mouth will suffer… and there’s no question about that. How healthy are your gums? By doing these three things every day, you’ll be working to keep your gums, and your smile, healthy as can be! Continue reading...


quiz for dental smarts
Updated September 2020

Quiz: Test Your Dental Smarts!
How much do you know about oral health?

How well-informed are you about oral health? This little quiz might be able to give you an idea… and you might even learn a few things along the way. What do you have to lose? Let’s see where you rank on the oral-health-smarts scale! Continue reading...


dentures in Guelph
Updated August 2020

Dentures Can Truly Be Life-Changing!
Should You Restore Your Smile with Dentures?

When a patient loses several of their teeth, it can unfortunately result in trouble with function, as well as a decline in self-esteem and overall quality of life. Fortunately, dentures can serve as a wonderful restoration for many... and we can help! Continue reading...


dental sealants Guelph
Updated June 2020

Dental Sealants: Protect Your Child's (and Your Own) Teeth
Pits and Fissures Render Some Teeth Cavity-Prone

Many molars contain deep grooves that trap food and bacteria and are hard to clean, leading to tooth decay. Do you have cavity-susceptible teeth? A dental sealant treatment may be right for you. Continue reading...


improve your smile
Updated May 2020

How Can I Improve My Smile?
Our Guelph Dental Clinic Can Help!

If you could improve your smile, what would you do? Whether you need a professional cleaning, a cosmetic improvement or a major restoration... we provide a wide range of services to treat your smile. Oh, and we welcome patients of all ages! Continue reading...


Prevent enamel erosion
April 2020

Taking the Steps to Prevent Enamel Erosion
Keep Your Enamel Safe

Our tooth enamel is a very important protective layer of our teeth, so we should always do our best to preserve it and protect it from erosion and wear. How much do you know about protecting your enamel? Continue reading...


Pediatric Dentistry
March 2020

Is Your Child Familiar With Their Guelph Dentist Yet?

How well does your child know their dentist? Our experts at Dental Smile can help you figure out how to get your child to knkow their dentists.
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Root Canal
February 2020

Get the (Not so Scary) Facts on Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals are very intensive processes that help dentists save a patient's tooth. Although it does involve a series of drilling and lots of time to heal, the facts are not at all that scary.
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Gum Disease
December 2019

Win the Fight Against Gum Disease This Winter

Get on the right track to gum health heading into the year 2020.
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Are dental implants Safe
November 2019

Can Drinking or Smoking Put Your Cavity Fillings at Risk?

Today, we'll discuss the risks of drinking or smoking and what it might do for your cavity fillings.
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Are dental implants Safe
August 2019

Are Dental Implants Safe?

If you are considering dental implants, you'll naturally have some questions about moving forward with the procedure. No procedure of any kind comes without risks but we're here to discuss those risks before scheduling your procedure.
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Denture Care
July 2019

The Best Way to Clean and Care for Your Dentures

Keep your smile healthy, and your dentures in tip-top shape for years to come. Let’s talk about what you can do to keep your dentures clean, while at the same time extending their lifespan and maintaining their shape for a comfortable fit.
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cosmetic bonding
May 2019

Cosmetic Bonding in Guelph for a Beautiful, Uniform Smile

Sadly, a lot of people are ashamed of their smiles, and will try to avoid showing their teeth in any way they can. But the good news is, in many cases, all that’s needed to perfect a smile is a little cosmetic bonding!
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Keep Tooth enamel strong
March 2019

How Can I Keep My Enamel Strong For Life?

Our dental enamel is a particularly valuable layer of our teeth. It’s the surface layer that is exceptionally strong and able to withstand the constant and high pressures of chewing.
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cavity free year!
January 2019

Make 2019 a Cavity-Free Year with These 4 Simple Steps

How well did you treat your smile in 2018? Whatever the case, our family dentist in Guelph believes there’s always room for improvement – so why not strive to make 2019 a better year for your oral health?
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preventing cavities
October 2018

Treat Your Smile to Some TLC This Winter Holiday

Due for a dental treatment? Our family dentist Dr. Dana Coman offers a wide range of dental services for the whole family! Whether it's a check-up/cleaning, whitening treatment, major restoration or anything in-between that you or your family member needs, our Guelph dental team can help.
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preventing cavities
September 2018

What Are Secondary Caries (Cavities), and Are You at Risk?

Secondary caries, otherwise known as recurrent caries (cavities) is tooth decay occurring underneath/surrounding existing dental restorations such as dental fillings, crowns or onlays.
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dental fluorosis
August 2018

What Is Dental Fluorosis, and Are Your Child’s Teeth Affected?

Ever heard of “Dental Fluorosis”? Or, better yet, have you ever noticed multiple spots on a person’s teeth that are noticeably whiter (appropriately termed “white spots”)?
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unhealthy gums
July 2018

Unhealthy Gums Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Did you know that when you properly care for the health of your gums, you’re also helping to look after the health of your heart? It’s true – and there’s a stronger relationship between your mouth and body health than you may realize.
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toothpaste types
June 2018

Five Common Types of Toothpaste
What’s the best choice for your smile?

Did you know? There are many different types of toothpaste products available for purchase. Have you been using the best type of toothpaste for your unique smile? Let’s find out!
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what is dental fluorosis
March 2018

What Is Dental Fluorosis, and Are Your Child’s Teeth Affected?
There’s an explanation to those white spots…

Ever heard of “Dental Fluorosis”? Or, better yet, have you ever noticed multiple spots on a person’s teeth that are noticeably whiter (appropriately termed “white spots”)?
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what is your gum type?
January 2018

What’s Your Gum Type, and What Does It Mean?
Let’s Compare Periodontal Biotypes

There are two kinds of gums (gingival biotypes) in this world: thin and scalloped, and thick and flat. And while these two types may be more susceptible to two different problems, both of them can be prevented with the right care. So, what’s your gum type?
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