Teeth Whitening for a Brighter 2017
Treat Yourself to a Whiter Smile

teeth whitening

It's no question: a white, bright smile can really stir up some envy! Are you one of those patients who could use a whitening treatment?

The teeth tend to discolour or yellow over time, especially as a result of daily coffee or tea drinking (or even the occasional glass of wine or fruit juice). But fortunately, professional teeth whitening treatments like the one offered by our Guelph dentist can help to bring a patient's teeth back to a youthful and radiant white shade! What could be more perfect for the New Year?

How does it work?

A teeth whitening treatment can either be performed in-office by a dental professional, or can be completed at home by the patient. At our family dental clinic, we supply our patients with a custom whitening kit that will be able to provide a dramatic result. A patient will typically need to use the treatment at home over the course of several weeks to achieve the result they desire.

Most patients who have a healthy smile are candidates for a teeth whitening procedure, as long as they are of age (typically older than 15) and are not pregnant/breastfeeding. However, patients with particularly sensitive teeth can expect some minor sensitivity during treatment that can often be effectively managed with the use of a desensitizing toothpaste, or with the use of an OTC pain medication. Sensitivity usually won't persist for long, and the dentist will not recommend whitening in the first place if he/she thinks it may be unsuitable for you.

It's important for patients to also note that any false teeth (including veneers, bondings or fillings) will not respond to a whitening treatment like the natural tooth does.

New Year, New Smile

If you're tired of saying "hello" to the "yellow" every time you flash your smile in the mirror, call your Guelph dentist to find out whether a teeth whitening treatment would be right for you! A new and bright smile could be a great way for you to celebrate the New Year.

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