Dental Bonding in Guelph

Cosmetic Dentistry Guelph Bonding

Bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment in which a composite resin material is used to conceal gaps (or diastemas) between the teeth, or can be used to alter the tooth's shape or length, restore chips, or mask stains. It is an ideal treatment for patients with minor gapping, in which orthodontic treatment may not be entirely necessary to fix the problem. The procedure is rather simple and can be completed in just one visit, and will provide a wonderful aesthetic result for the patient.

About The Procedure

During a dental bonding procedure, the dentist will first choose a shade of the resin material that closely matches that of your natural teeth. Then, the surfaces of your teeth will be prepared through etching or roughening and then applying a special conditioning fluid to ensure a strong bond. Then, the resin material will be applied to the teeth, and will be shaped and molded accordingly to achieve the desired look. Lastly, the material is hardened using a UV light, and is polished and smoothed. Achieving a beautiful result has never been so easy!

Ready to improve your smile?

Cosmetic bonding may be just the treatment you need to truly love your smile. Our Guelph dentist, Dr. Priya Bhagat will be able to tell you whether you are a good candidate for bonding. Just ask!

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